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Precision Garage Doors has been providing expert garage door repair in the Baltimore Metro Area area since 2001.

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We install and repair Steel Garage Doors, Custom Wood and Carriage House Doors for Homes in Baltimore Metro Area.

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We install and repair garage door openers in Baltimore.

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Garage Door Safety

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At Precision, customer safety comes first. One of our missions as a company is to educate you about best safety practices. To do so, we have always included Garage Door Do's and Don'ts on our website. A new item may now make the list: the battery backup.

What is a battery backup? During a power outage, a battery backup allows your garage door opener to keep working. This is especially important when a wildfire is blazing. During the infamous California wildfires, many people were getting trapped in their garages. Several even died. California state Senator Bill Dodd was among those unable to get out, since he could not manually open his heavy wooden garage door. Drawing on his personal experience, Senator Dodd introduced a bill to make battery backups mandatory in the state of California. On August 16, 2018 the Garage Door Safety Bill passed with wide bipartisan support. As Cheryl Diehm, a Santa Rosa resident who testified before lawmakers, put it, "Make no mistake -- this legislation will help save lives."

In Maryland, wildfires are not common. However, thunderstorms are, and they often take out the power. Do not get stuck when power outages occur again. Consider a battery backup. If you are interested in finding out more about it, simply give us a call. Want to know which openers have them? Please take a look at these Precision-preferred garage door openers.

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